【開催決定】「Kaneko Ayano UK Tour 2024」


Happy to announce we’re coming back to UK in May.
All shows will be performed with a band setup.

「Kaneko Ayano UK Tour 2024」

●Sun 12th May
Oslo Hackney , London
Doors at 19:00~
Tickets here.

▷Oslo Hackney

●Mon 13th May
The Victoria ,  Birmingham
Doors at 19:30
Tickets here.

▷The Victoria

●Thu, 16th May
「The Great Escape 2024」
Queens Hotel , Brighton
Time 19:15~
Tickets here.

●Fri, 17th May
「The Great Escape 2024」
Waterbear , Brighton
– Showcase “SSR from Tokyo : Curated by FRIENDSHIP.”
Time 15:30~
Tickets here.

▷The Great Escape 2024
※The performance schedule for the 18th at Green Door Store listed on the website is incorrect information.
We will not be performing on the 18th show.


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