2021年に発表したアルバム『よすが』は第14回CDショップ大賞2021に入賞し、同年に初の武道館ワンマンショー を開催。

2024年5月より「カネコアヤノ Livehouse Tour 2024」を開催する。
5月にはイギリス・ブライトンで開催される「The great Escape」に出演予定。

Japanese singer-songwriter.
She performs alone on stage, singing and playing the guitar, or with a backing band.

Since the release of her first ‘hug’ in April 2016, she has released four band sound albums and five acoustic solo sound albums.
In the last few years, she has released a band-recorded album, followed by a re-recorded acoustic solo version of the same work.

In 2021, the Nippon Budokan performance, the first 10,000-person arena venue, was sold out.
In 2023,she released her new album “A towel blanket is peaceful”, as well as a vocal/guitar recording
of the same opus, titled “A towel blanket is peaceful Hitori de ni” (“A towel blanket is peaceful. alone”).
In the same year, a two-day show was held in Tokyo at an arena venue for 10,000 people.

From May 2024, the tour will be held in 14 locations in Japan.
She will perform with a band setup at The Great Escape 2024 in may at Brighton UK.

kaneko ayano